Any software to build custom gui

Is there any way other than building a new app, to have a custom GUI for Android tablet? I used to install Crestron, and we could create very custom panels. I was hoping to find something like that for vera. Thanks.

Check Imperihome. It also has very high level of customization.


MyVera has a high level of customization, but requires a web server, and some time to play with :slight_smile:

Heard of some people using iRule, it’s pretty expensive and the Vera module is extra.

If you can program in C#, Elve is now free and very high on customization. I even have the original Vera driver for it but it no longer works.

At CHAOS App Store, we have created a simple way for people to develop, deploy and share their home automation Apps, primarily for the Vera. Ultimately our software runs Apps for your Vera in the cloud, but for now you can run our software on a PC in your home. You can find our app development software here (the bottom one) and you can find the Android app which shows the currently running apps here

The logic for an app is written in Python. The GUI for each App is written in simple HTML and you can send messages from the GUI to the Python logic using Javascript.

Unfortunately, the tutorials on our site are a work in progress at the moment, so they don’t tell you everything you need to make a good GUI. But if you let me know what you’re trying to achieve I could talk you through how it could be achieved.