Any plans to support HomeSeer?

Do you have any plans to ever support HomeSeer?

I’d use a RP2 or 3 if I was going to jump to Homeseer (I’m not)…from all reports RP2 and Homeseer appear to work well, then again RP2, openLuup & AltUI work well & play together, you just need a radio to make it work.

You can make a RP2 work with homeseer, but I wouldn’t do it. I left VERA for being underpowered and moving to HS to use such lite hardware wouldn’t be ideal. Linux versions of HomeSeer have limited plugin support (as Homeseer was designed and based off windows for years). A small Brix, Nuc, Pipo, MacMini would be a better hardware choice then Pi.

Good stuff, but what does it all have to do with HomeWave being supported on HomeSeer? I was hoping to hear from @intveltr (the developer of HomeWave) to see if he has any plans to support HomeSeer.

everything as you asked about Homeseer.

Isn’t this the topic of this thread:

Well, the topic of this entire sub forum is HomeWave, and I was asking if it (meaning HomeWave) will support HomeSeer.

No plans. The app does work with openluup, but only for local access at the moment.