Any luck with Vera and Insteon 2475s2 Switch for Lights?

Hey everyone,

While not listed in the officially supported hardware list, I decided to give the Insteon 2475s2 switch the green light - no pun intended - for use by my Vera using the PLM (2413U).

The switches can be installed with external motion-detecting lights. Following the standard pairing procedures, i.e. by either creating the Insteon device on Vera “directly” via its code AA.BB.CC or letting the modem search for it, I have not appeared to establish connection between the modem and the switch. Per this latter point, when trying to connect the switch and holding down SET for the prescribed three seconds, it only beeps once.

Now I can not rule out whether there is too much noise in the line, whether the modem and switch are too far apart, etc. but I wanted to see if the community has given one of these a try and, if so, whether you were successful.

Thanks, in advance. I hope I can iron this out to add one more Insteon device to hopefully add to the supported devices list!