Another fun new error

My Lua log is spitting this out:

PendingWrite Critical 1 pending write, try again later

Anyone know what it means?

When you try to Save, MiOS can be blocked by activity of Plugins.

At one point, Vera would simply timeout the Save event, and carry on with the restart processes - effectively dropping the changes requested from the Save operation.

In newer versions it continues to attempt the Save operation and it emits that message.

If you have plugins that frequently block, or ones that execute with very high frequency (eg using low [tt]luup.call_delay[/tt]/[tt]luup.call_timer[/tt] values) then it’s still possible to get into a situation where one or more plugins “block” the Save operation, or at least do it for a long period of time.

Basically, it’s represented by this Stub: