Another energy monitoring solution...

Do any of you guys know anything about the Bulogic product?

Is this a competitor to the TED devices?

I tried to Google it without much success…

Jacobly: this guy has you pegged :smiley:

“Z-Wave. Zigbee. If you’re a home automation nerd, these words mean something to you. You are an extreme form of pure nerd, and we envy your ability to invest in things like replacement light switches while the rest of us scrimp and save because now we have to watch TV in an extra dimension we never asked for. Anyway, that Z-Wave network you might have? Well, the Bulogics Smart Grid Controller bridges a Zigbee power meter into it using a new Sigma Designs chip, so you can track all your power usage easily and do something called “end-to-end load shedding,” which either helps you save power or requires a painful medical procedure. You’re welcome.”

Sounds like it is just a z-wave to zigbee bridge, so it would be a companion to TED in that it would allow z-wave devices to communicate to TED’s zigbee interface.

It’s basically a Zwave controller with a Zigbee module to acess the smart meter that will be installed at your home. How far they take the Zigbee control whe’s to say. As far as today it will control most Zwave devices.
The biggest hurdle at this point for smart meter interfaces is how much information will the Power company allow to be accessed from the smart meter. I heard several POCO’s will not allow much access to the smart meter for security but they want acces to your smart enabled devices for Load shedding.

Yeah, CMRancho…I can never get any love from the mainstream gadget blog-o-sphere. They always seem to poo poo Home Automation if not directly, than in their tone like Nilay Patel did in this post.

Why do you think that is? Is it because X-10 and Insteon was kinda flakey for so long?

I had to laugh the other day when I was watching buzz out loud… they were talking about the new Pico Watt Smartplug ( ) and the blogger said, “this is such a cool product, I’m surprised no on has thought of this before!”

It just goes to show that they don’t follow this type of Tech very closely…