Altsteon startup help--a few very basic questions

Hopefully someone will be willing to help a newbie–just got my vera3 and insteon devices and decided I’d jump right in and get altsteon up and running?three days later and I’m feeling totally in over my head. I’m on a mac and have some basic understanding of terminal commands, but am probably missing some basics too. I have the 2413U plm and have downloaded the LUUP files and copied the altsteon and altsteon_cli files to vera. That all seemed to go well, but now I’m stuck and wondering what I’ve done wrong… I’ve done the following:

[ul][li] On the vera, while in /overlay/sbin#, entered chmod 755 altsteon–am I supposed to do this for the altsteon_cli as well? If, by chance, I did, and shouldn’t have, how do I undo it?
[li]Added the following code in apps>develop apps>Startup Lua:
local plm = “/dev/ttyUSB0”
os.execute("/overlay/sbin/altsteon -p " … plm)
[li]Created the plm device–Insteon logo appeared[/li]
[li]Verified that my PLM is on ttyUSB0[/li]
[li]When I grep altsteon, I think it’s running–I get the following:
23155 root 580 S /overlay/sbin/altsteon -p /dev/ttyUSB0
29045 root 1672 S grep altsteon[/li]
[li]At the top of UI5, I see two status notes. One says “Insteon: No INSTEON” and the other says “plm[9]: Starting Lua engine”[/ul]

Does all look OK so far?

From here, I’m not sure what to do. I’m sure this is a very dumb question, but how do I load the altsteon_cli? Should I be doing this from Vera UI or the terminal? If the terminal, what command line should I enter?

Any help would be very appreciated–I’m fairly new to all of this, but so excited to get something up and going. Thinking I may have been a bit too ambitious!

It sounds like you have the built-in Insteon support enabled which can’t coexist with Altsteon. Try turning that off and restarting the Vera.

Thanks Joey! I started playing around with the vera insteon, so you’re correct that this is enabled–I’ll turn it off and see how far I get :slight_smile: Tonya