AltSteon and 2466S

I am having issues getting my new 2466S Non-Dimming ToggleLinc switch working with Altsteon. I was wondering if by chance this device is not supported.

I added the device to the database but it shows up as (DevCat : 255 SubCat : 255) Which i believe means it is not being recognized.

When I do a ping I get: Sender’s device ID not in responder’s database.

What steps should I take to troubleshoot this problem if in fact the device is supported?

I have it interfacing with a 2413U to Micasa.

Appreciate the help.

Sounds like you haven’t linked the PLM and device.

Try: plm link_new_device AA.BB.CC from the cli.

Thanks for the feedback. I tried the command you sent but got an error:

Cmd : plm link_new_device xx.xx.xx
plm:FFFD,02 - Command not valid.

Looking at some others posts I guess I need to update to the development binaries to get this command?

Also when upgrading I assume it is best to re-upload all the files in vera-files or can I simply just replace the binaries?

Ok, updated binaries to development version, uploaded all files in vera-files just to be safe and was able to get the new linking command. However it seems that once I do it and reboot the database is lost again?

Here is what I did:

Cmd : plm link_new_device xx.xx.xx
plm:003B,02,64 - PLM command success.
plm:003B,02,65 - PLM command success.
plm:003B,02,64 - PLM command success.
plm:003B,02,65 - PLM command success.

Cmd : add_device xx.xx.xx
xx.xx.xx:001C,01,01 - Insteon version 1.

xx.xx.xx:003D,02 - Device added. (0x02)

xx.xx.xx:001C,01,01 - Insteon version 1.

xx.xx.xx:0009,01,00 - xx.xx.xx button/group 0 is off.

Cmd : plm link_new_device yy.yy.yy
plm:003B,02,64 - PLM command success.
plm:0033,02,01,01,yy,yy,yy,02,1A,41,02 - All linking completed.
plm:003B,02,65 - PLM command success.
plm:003B,02,64 - PLM command success.
plm:0033,02,00,01,yy,yy,yy,00,00,00,02 - All linking completed.

  • PLM command success.

Cmd : add_device yy.yy.yy
yy.yy.yy:001C,02,02 - Insteon version 2.

yy.yy.yy:003D,02 - Device added. (0x02)

yy.yy.yy:001C,02,02 - Insteon version 2.

yy.yy.yy:0009,02,00 - yy.yy.yy button/group 0 is off.

Cmd : list
xx.xx.xx:0046,01,02,06,00,xx,xx,xx - xx.xx.xx (DevCat : 2 SubCat : 6 Hidden : 0 Addr : xx.xx.xx)
yy.yy.yy:0046,02,02,1A,00,yy,yy,yy - yy.yy.yy (DevCat : 2 SubCat : 26 Hidden : 0 Addr : yy.yy.yy)
plm:0046,02,03,15,1,zz,zz,zz - plm (DevCat : 3 SubCa
t : 21 Hidden : 1 Addr : zz.zz.zz)
end:004E,02 - End of list.

Rebooted Vera:

Cmd : list
plm:0046,02,03,15,1,zz,zz,zz - plm (DevCat : 3 SubCat : 21 Hidden : 1 Addr : zz.zz.zz)
end:004E,02 - End of list.

Shouldn’t the other devices show up in here as well? I am able to issue the on command after initially adding them, but upon reboot the devices no longer function as they are not saved in the database and I have to re-link everything to get it to work again.

When you reboot vera (or restart Altsteon) Vera will need to re-add the devices to the daemon.

Since you can control it from the cli, you can now add the devices to Vera, so when Vera restarts, the devices will automatically get added.

If you restart the daemon manually, you can just hit the “Reload” button to restart LUUP.

Sorry, not sure if I follow.

So what would I need to do on the Vera side to have it re-add the devices? Do I have to put in in the Startup LUA somehow?

Also is this a new change as before when I used it for my other devices and rebooted I did not have to re-add them in order to work.

If you are referring to manually adding the devices into Vera via the interface as described in the installation instructions I have already done that.

Appreciate the help.

No, just add the device to Vera like before. When Vera restarts, the device will be added to the daemon for you.

Past and present, whenever the daemon is restarted, Vera LUUP has to be reloaded.

Ok, well I already have that. I had a working installation with an insteon device prior to purchasing this new switch and having issues adding it. However after upgrading to the latest dev builds it does not appear to be “adding” them back in. Do I have to completely delete them from vera and re-add them after the upgrade?

You should not have to re-add them, they should carry over.

Do none of your devices work now?

For your PLM device in Vera, what are you using for the IP address? or something else?
If you do not have, see here:,15615.msg127175.html#msg127175

That was the ticket. Thanks for the help.