Altsteon 0.08 released

All -

Altsteon 0.08 has been released. You can find a link at, or by looking at the project on

There are only a couple of bug fixes in this release. Specifically, a small fix for IOLincs and Thermostats, and a fix to the on/off state of certain switches. The real meat of the release is the additional support for various features and functions. Those are :

  • Support for controlling keypadlinc LEDs
  • Support for sending All Link commands
  • Support for the new leak sensor
  • Support for some of the older i1 devices

All of the new functionality is brought to you by PurdueGuy, Jimbo333, and gengen. These guys are now helping to develop Altsteon. So please be sure to thank them for their help, and send them lots of positive karma. Also, if you have patches, you can post them to the forum here, and one of the developers should take care of merging it in.

As usual, please let us know if you run in to any weird issues, or if there is functionality you would like to see. (Though new functionality is usually limited by one of the developers having access to the device you want supported. So please be forgiving if nobody can do it. :wink: