Alternate temperature for thermostat control

I was thinking of using an alternate temperature sensor to control my thermostat. I have a HSM1000 that I could move to the room people are in and use all of my existing scenes, but have the thermostat control to the remote temperature sensor. Does anyone have any ideas before I launch into some obfuscated coded disaster and then wish I would have done it another way?

I was thinking about doing something like that, but I haven’t gotten a temp sensor yet. If we’re talking about the winter and heating, my plan was to have the setpoint on the thermostat set at its highest setting and then control the on/off of the HVAC system based on the temp from the sensor. What were you thinking?

There’s nothing wrong with this approach as long as you’re OK with the fact HSM100 temp data isn’t real time

I thought about just controlling the setpoint of the heater based on the HSM1000. However, I already have a number of scenes that control the setpoint. For example, I use the weather plug in to set my thermostat based on the predicted highs and lows for the day. That way, if it is 50F outside, Vera sets my thermostat to a comfortable 68. However, if it is 10F outside, Vera sets the temperature to 63 and I’ll put on a sweater rather than burn the extra energy required. It is basically a mathematical representation of my value of comfort versus cost of energy. All that being said, I didn’t want to have another scene set that temperature and brake my original code. I was thinking about setting the current temperature of the thermostat, not the set point.

Now that I think about it, maybe I just need another gain factor in my temperature setting scene to account for the difference between the thermostat temperature and my HSM1000. That, and convince my wife to carry the HSM1000 around the house. :wink:

What thermostat do you have? I have the Trane, and I don’t think you can set the current temp on it.

I have an Intermatic, but I think a number of different brands sell the same thermostat. It looks like this—Z-Wave-Thermostat-Wayne-Dalton-P599C38.aspx

You can set the current temp with Luup and the device honors that setting?

No. I can set the current target. I was looking for a way to replace the current temperature with another sensor.

Any update on this?

I’m trying to do the same thing. I have a HSM100 upstairs which I want it to be my current temp to set the Trane thermostat downstairs.

Is there anyway to fool the Trane thermostat to read HSM100 temp as current temp via Luup?

Or is there anyway to make Trane ignore its current temp and heat set point? So I can turn the heater on/off based on HSM temp sensor?

The Trane thermostat do not support this. What you can do is have scenes trigger from your remote senors set the set points of the thermostat to something very high or very low to trigger cooling or heating.

Basically if the remote sensor has a reading higher than you want it to be set the thermostat to auto and the cooling set point to the lowest possible value. This will trigger the AC to come on. Once the remote senor reaches a comfortable temp set the thermostat to Off. You could do the same for the heating set point just use a very high value.