Alpha update - Ezlo Linux fw v.1.0.18 for Vera Edge controllers

We’re pleased to release today an update to Ezlo Linux firmware v.1.0.18 for Vera Edge controllers.

New Features:

  • Added support for Zwave Clock Command class;
  • Implemented mechanism for discovery IP devices in local network.


  • Bug fixing to Zwave devices;
  • Fixed the issue where if the same pin code was used as a trigger in another scene it was not triggering the scene.

For all users that enrolled in the Alpha group you need to do one of the following actions to get the update:

  • Power cycle your Vera Edge controller or
  • Unplug the ethernet cable, wait 10s, plug it back into the Vera Edge controller.

Done! Now the dance of the LEDs commences… will report back any findings.

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