Alpha update - Ezlo Linux fw v.1.0.17 for Vera Edge controllers

We’re releasing today an update in Alpha for Ezlo Linux firmware v.1.0.17 for Vera Edge controllers


  • Improved migration of devices during the firmware upgrade process.
  • Improved migration of scenes during the firmware upgrade process.
  • Improved traffic usage between controller and cloud.


  • Bug fixes and improvements on creating scenes that are triggered by other devices and use scene controllers as triggers in scenes.
  • Fixed the issue with missing on / off states for switches as triggers when creating scenes.
  • Fixed the issue on the cloud side with no events being generated when tampering a security sensor.
  • Fixed the issue with not being able add an action in scene creation flow when a VOI device is selected.

Known issues:

  • Issue with using a pin code as trigger only in one scene. If the same pin code is used as a trigger in another scene it won’t start the scene

All users that enrolled in the Alpha group for testing the Ezlo Linux firmware on Vera Edge controllers will automatically received the update in maximum 24h.


Just rebooted my edge to force an upgrade but still on 0.16.

root@HUB45006642:~# opkg info firmware-common-git_version
Package: firmware-common-git_version
Version: 1.0.16
Depends: libc
Status: install ok installed
Architecture: ramips_24kec
Installed-Time: 1584037066

Seeing this in the update log:

root@HUB45006642:~# cat /var/log/firmware/update.log 
2020-04-03 08:13:37 INFO : Starting update process
2020-04-03 08:13:37 WARN : Update journal is empty

Has the upgrade made it to the servers yet?

@blacey the team is looking into this - I’ll let you know what the result is. At first look everything should work, your controller is set to receive the upgrade, but let’s see what we find.

Thank you for reporting this.


@Ioana, Thanks for the update. The team is welcome to log into my controller if they would like to see what is going on. They should have the Edge test account information from the pre-alpha testing phase. If not, PM me and I can provide it again.

NOTE: remember, I experimented with running spread under a non-root account. I believe I restored spread back to the standard config but just pointing it out so the team doesn’t spin their wheels unnecessarily if that has something to do with it.

@blacey please reboot your controller and PM me with the logs from /var/log/firmware/ha-uid.log.

Restarted and logs PM’d. Thanks.

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For the first time I could create a scene with VOI. Nice step forward.

Cheers Rene


do let us know in which ways you are using VOI please. Its a total innovation and we don’t know all the ways it can be used fully yet. So sharing your usecases for VOI will be very valuable.
I use it “turn on a wifi smart plug” as part of my scene.

Hi melih,

At this moment I am just experimenting with the Linux Edge, but it is just at toy level. My first tests are to run a scene from the Linux Edge to turn on a light on a Vera :slight_smile:

With the Veras, openLuup and plugins I have I can control all devices and we use the Vera Alexa function to control them all. But i also selected them all based on that. In the Netherlands I have not seen too many devices that do true smart things with Alexa. Just started to look at Google, but not too impressed with Google home yet. Both speech engines are not too brilliant. The dumb replies I some times get (may be the accent).

But if I get one that could never be done other wise I’ll let you know.

Cheers Rene

Hi reneboer

Can you control
locks, window coverings and alarm sensor on a Vera with VOI from your Linux Edge?

This VOI works the other way around that the Alexa/Google control with the Veras. The latter you send a command from Alexa to your Vera Controllers. With VOI you send a command to Alexa or Google Home to send to a device they control. Typically to a device not controlled from you Vera.

So only if you can control a lock via Alexa, you can control it via VOI. So as you cannot control a lock device on your Vera via the Vera Alexa control, you cannot have VOI send a command to control it.

Cheers Rene

I know how it works.
you mention controlling things on Vera Via Linux Edge, so i was wondering what you could control.

So basically unless Ezlo update the Vera Alexa skill no one will be able to control anything on thier vera, unless its a light or a socket. No locks, widow coverings and alarm sensors.

Yes, all correct. This relies on the Alexa skill.

It has nothing to do with VOI which does the opposite: Enabling your to control Alexa devices from the vera.

You can only control on your Vera what the Vera Alexa skill can indeed.

Surely VOI is the middle man in this?

I imagine
Linux Edge - VOI - Alexa - Skill -Vera

Not at all.

You can see it like this: The Alexa skill is equivalent to a plugin on the amazon platform. It is stored and processed in the cloud. It connects to the eZLO cloud API which then controls your vera edge from the cloud. eZLO needs to develop that plugin to match up alexa commands to commands on their API.

VOI is completely the opposite. It is a cloud “plugin” in the eZLO cloud server which connects to the amazon cloud API. It acts as a bridge binding devices on your amazon account and creates equivalent virtual devices on your vera. They are symmetrical but independent integrations.

your Alexa Voice or App -> Alexa Skill (cloud) -> eZLO cloud API -> your vera (local) -> your vera device

your vera -> eZLO cloud server -> VOI ->Alexa cloud API -> your Alexa hub (local) or other alexa skills (cloud) -> your alexa device

An Alexa skill controls devices connected to that Skill provider…(Alexa Controlling those specific devices using skills)

VOI - Controls Alexa/Google and all 28000 plus devices controlled by Alexa and Google.

example: An amazon wifi smart plug …you can write a scene using VOI where you can turn on this Wifi smart plug on.

VOI is about Controlling everything that Alexa and Google controls.
If a device can be controlled by Alexa or Google then VOI can control it and you can create scenes with it.

I understand what VOI is about, I am trying to understand where it is used or if it is used in control of a vera device via alexa from an edge linux.

from linux edge
edge - edge alexa skill - alex cloud - ezlo api - vera - device

Yeah I understand now that you are talking about using 2 different vera hubs and you want to keep one on the old vera firmware and control it using one with an ezlo firmware.
I am not quite sure why you would want to do that as it adds a lot of traffic with all the lag and reliability downsides which comes with it vs directly controlling vera -> device? It is a bit of going around in circle and certainly not the intent of VOI.