All Schedules 'true' after power failure

After a power failure all PLEG Schedules became ‘true’, which isn’t supposed to happen. Is there anything I - as a user - can do to prevent this in the future?

I can assure you that this is NOT normal … it’s also strange that the start times are NOT monotonically increasing based on order in the list … which is what I would have expected if there were some type of startup bug.

Turn the PLEG debugging on (to a separate file) … When this happens again I would like to see the log file.

I wanted to come back to you with this, but my logfile is flooded with errors. I catched the TempLogFileSystemFailure. Maybe the problem is related to this. [edit]After some further inspection, this doesn’t seem to be related. Only if I really had an hardware error, which seems unlikely.[/edit]

Now turning on the PLEG Debugging.

I had the same thing yesterday.

My Vera came back up after a power down and I looked into my hvac Oleg device.

All my schedules and timers were true.

I did a do it now on my day schedule and kick started everything working. Looked today and everything looks as normal