All off when leaving house


I have a scene that I run when I leave the house.
This scene turns off all lights, even if the light is already on.
Would it be stupid to have a logic that checks if the light is on before it actually turns if off?
Or will this just be ha heavy PLEG that will slow down my vera, and not be very useful?
I am thinking that if I have to have a condition for every light it might be a bit heavy?
Any thoughts?


Yeah, don’t bother checking the state, if you want the light off, just set it off in a scene.

By adding a check you actually make the scene less reliable. How do you know that Vera has got the current state of the light correct?

Sounds smart. I guess it is easy to over think it.
By running a scene that turns off all devices you actually verifies that vera has the correct state information.