Alexa Beta Skill & HA-Bridge at the same time

Haven’t noticed anyone else asking about this. Is it possible to run both active at the same time? The only reason I wanted to know this is because the HA-Bridge allows you to turn on and off scenes whereas I think with the Alexa Beta (even the latest revision) you need to have seperate scenes for on and one for off.

So I was wondering if I could use the native Alexa Skill for all my devices and uncheck all the scenes, but have the HA-Bridge running and only use it for the Scenes?

I am doing both without any problems. I use ha bridge to run some http requests to my android tablet and camera. You just need to have different device names for ha bridge and Vera alexa plugin.

Thanks! I figured they would probably be ok together! Thanks for the confirmation. I will give it a try

Funny, came here 4 years later asking the very same question. Except now, Amazon has broken the Alexa Discovery process to the point that HA-Bridge requires recoding (underway now).

Good thing I never made the leap from Vera’s Alexa bridge! (yet)

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