Alerts from Everspring SM 103 Door Window Sensor after upgrade

When I update to the last firmware (UI7), I started getting alerts from my everspring SM 103 door window sensors. The alert is always open to closed, near the other way around. It happens several times a day. I have removed and reinstalled the sensors and nothing changes. I disabled the scene to stop alerts. Anyone else had this problem?

I’ve been trying to get this resolved for 3 months now, since upgrading to UI7. All of the contact sensors in my set up (Everspring and Fibaro models) send random ‘close’ events (sometimes as many as 9 in a row) throughout the day. I use a scene to send a message to my home control system (using socket layer comms) each time a sensor state changes. It’s very annoying as it looks like people are moving in the house when they are not and I use this occupancy to control other stuff.

I had issues with my existing SM103 sensors when I upgraded to a VeraEdge last month. I resolved it by excluding the sensors, resetting them and re-including them one at a time… final step was to do a battery pull… PITA but worked. No issues since.