Alert or function based on switch position and time

I’m new at this and have been installing devices slowly. Currently have 6 or 7 light switches changed out using GE/Jasco On/Off switches, maybe 6 GE/Jasco outlets and a Mimolite on the garage door. I don’t have any fancy programming yet except to turn a porch light on at sunset and off at sunrise. I also have a Ecolink tilt sensor on the garage I installed before the Mimolite.

What I would like to do is either send an alert at a set time, my bedtime, if the garage door is still open or better yet send an alert when I turn my lamp on the nightstand off and the garage door is open. Maybe flash the light? That would be pretty cool. I typically shut everything and lock doors at night but with a wife and three kids sometimes someone will go back outside after I’ve made my rounds.

Any ideas? This stuff is fun and I haven’t really begun to automate anything. I have a couple motion detectors I need to install along with a minimote for different scenes. Thanks

Your looking for a scene that is triggered when multiple conditions(open, time, lamp on…) are met. The Combination Switch plugin might accomplish your goal. However, I personally prefer the Programing Logic Event Generator(PLEG) plugin for this type of thing.

For my own solution I send a notification if the garage door is left open for more than a few minutes. The notification repeats every 10 minutes until the door is closed. It relies on PLEG and VeraAlerts plugins.,24236.msg167061.html#msg167061