Alert on Unlocked Doors

Hello All -

It appears that I’ve stepped away from sequences for too long. I’m trying to write a condition that becomes true when the Front Door or Garage Door was unlocked before the Nest went to “away” mode.

I’m basically trying to detect if we forgot to lock up the house before leaving. I had a very simple condition before:

(FrontDoorUnlocked OR GarageOpen) AND NestAway

The problem with this is it would alert every time we came home. (The doors unlock before Nest senses presence.) It was a minor annoyance, truthfully, but something that should be coded around.

I tried the following:
(FrontDoorUnlocked OR GarageOpen) AND ((FrontDoorUnlocked OR GarageOpen);NestAway)

But this is giving me a PLEG error:
Program Logic Event Gene…[6] : (FrontDoorUnlocked OR GarageOpen) AND ((FrontDoorUnlocked OR GarageOpen);NestAway): attempt to compare to nil values

You can’t put an expression as an argument to a sequence expression.
An expression does not have a times stamp. A sequence expression operates on a time stamp!).
So you would have to break this into two conditions.

Entry FrontDoorUnlocked or GarageOpen
Alert Entry AND !NestAway And (!NestAway; Entry)

You should probably set the REPEAT for Entry.

Thanks Richard. That makes complete sense.