Alarm suggestions for UK?

I am moving into a new (to me) property in a couple of months. It has an old wired alarm, not sure what it is. So I’m looking to replace it with one that can be interfaced to MCV.

I can get the DSC alarms here but they seem to be quite expensive even compared to the Visonic ones. I’d obviously like to reuse all the existing concealed cabling so would prefer a wired one over wireless.

Looking at the wiki there are a bunch of Honeywell/Ademco panels that are supported. Most of these models are unavailable in the UK, or they maybe are called something different.

Anyway can anyone in the UK share what panels they are using and how they have them interfaced to MCV?

Have a look at the Texecom Premier range.

I have a Premier 48 and wrote a plug-in for it. I’ve got about a dozen users now.

I’d forgotten about Texecom :slight_smile: What sort of functionality does your plugin expose?

It reports zone and partition statuses, allows full-arm, part-arm and disarm of each partition, reports keypad display data, syncs time with panel. It uses Texecom simple protocol and operates over serial or IP.

I’m looking to set scenes based on whether some alarm sensors are triggered. For instance a door sensor would turn a light on etc. Does the Texecom report sensor triggers to MCV even when unarmed?

Yes. Zone status is polled every 5 seconds regardless of armed state.

Sounds good, the Texecom units are a good price too. Well I’ll have to wait until I move now :frowning:

Just remember that the Premier 24 doesn’t support Texecom simple protocol; you’ll need the Premier 48 at least.

Let me know if you go that route and want the plug-in files.