Aeotec RGBW Bulb changing parameter settings

New to this bulb have only had it for a couple of weeks and managed to get the basics working such as the secure pairing with my Vera Edge and the basic color changing in single color mode as well as setting up a PLEG to turn it on and off at dusk and dawn.

However now I would like to be able to modify the modes and set it to multiple color mode where I can pick the colors to use, or rainbow mode or even a two color fast changing mode from one to the other.

I am unsure how to do this, I found the manual which talks about changing parameter 37 4 bit and lots of different settings and info for each mode, but I have absolutely no idea how to do this, let alone how to program that into a PLEG perhaps with a Multi switch for activating a few different preprogrammed settings.

Can someone point me in the right direction of what I would need to do within Vera in a PLEG to set the light to rainbow mode, multiple color mode (and choose the colors), a fast 2 color flashing mode (and choosing the colors) and back to single color mode?



you can install the plugin RGBController. You will be able to do your animations by calling the plugin upnp actions.

I tried that but when I go to settings and choose Aeotec RGBW Bulb from the device settings drop-down, the second drop-down box which asks me to pick the device does not let me pick a device??

The drop-down box for controlled device just stays empty for some reason.

Any ideas??

Edit never mind, not sure why that doesn’t work but I entered the device # into the device ID box at the bottom of the advanced section and saved that rebooted everything and refreshed the page and it now lets me access the settings tab with the color wheel etc.