Aeotec Multisensor - motion sensor stay triggered on until new motion detected

Hi, I’ve found a new bug with this sensor: Sometimes, when triggered, it stays on trigerred mode, I mean “red with the running man”. Even after some hours. The only way to change this, is to walk in front of it in order to trigger it again.

Did someone have the same problem? Solution???

I have the same problem here. No solutions yet. Do you have a 45W written on the lower left side?

I have noticed this on occasion as well, however I have found that if I manually poll the device that it reports that it is no longer tripped. I have mine usb powered and hopefully correctly setup for that power mode. So far based on my findings I’m thinking this is some sort of communication problem. I’ve only had the sensor for about a month and haven’t paid a lot of attention to it thus far, it is located at the extreme end of my network and just yesterday I ran a heal so I plan to begin looking at the logs to try and track down an issue where the unit only “works” sometimes. I have it located in the garage and use it to turn on the garage lights when it is night time and motion is detected.

Hi othentic, 45W you mean on the unit, or somewhere in the config?

On the face of the plugin. Dashboard.

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