AEON Minimote button assignment

So I did some search on the forum but I am not finding anyone else having this problem. I updated mine to 1.19 and then added it to my network without any problem.
The only thing I have noticed is the very weird button assignment:

Button 1 (top left) on works fine
Button 1 long press (i.e off) activates the scene I assigned to button 2 on on the vera
Button 2 on top right activates the scene I assigned to button 3 on on the vera
Button 2 off activates the scene I assigned to button 4 on the vera
Button 3 on and off doesn’t seem to be doing anything
Button 4 on neither but button 4 off activates the scene associated to button 1 on…

Anybody observed this?

Remove the minimote and re-add it. When you add it Don’t go in and try to edit the device right away, give it a minute first to let Vera fully set it up. If you go into the minimote scene menu and it asks you how many buttons it has, it didn’t get added to the Vera correctly, delete it and try adding it again, letting it sit a few minutes before trying to do anything to the device (including set the name or room). If it is added and setup correctly the scene menu will be pre-populated with an off and on entry for each of the four buttons.

Also if you do a network heal after the minimote is added, your minimote will have bad things happen to it (buttons will get reassigned to scenes in a weird way), you will have to delete the minimote and re-add it to get it working correctly again.

Ok I will try that. Thanks. The configuration of the minimote seems a bit finicky with the vera.

Yep the trick is keep it super close to the Vera when adding it, and let it set for a minute or two even after the add succeeds. The Minimote is itself a controller it needs time to sync all your devices etc to the minimote even after add succeeds.

Unfortunately that wasn’t it. It seems to be a problem with the latest UI 7.0.7 breaking it…

Have the same issue. Have had the minimote for 8 months and it worked fine up until 7.0.7 firmware.
Opened the issue with ver tech support, and they responded as follows.
"I wanted to let you know that we are aware of the issue with the Aeon Minimotes on the latest UI7 firmware. My colleagues from the development team are working to fix it and the fix should be added on a next firmware update.

More information on the release notes for UI7 you can find in the link below:

At this moment, as a solution, you can downgrade the unit back to Version 7.0.6 (1.7.1089) and then restore a backup on the unit from a date before the upgrade."

I have the exact same issue.

The last firmware update for the VeraEdge broke it.

I’m having the same issue on my Vera Lite. Luckily, all I really use it for currently is to turn the living room lamp on/off. I just moved my On scene to Button1On and Off to Button2On. Just adding to the long list of reasons I need to move away from Vera…

What about the lastest firmwar from june 6th? Does it work again with Vera Edge?

Yes, latest firmware on the edge fixes the minimote problem.

Thank you, then I will buy one.