Aeon Meter 2edition Volts/Ampers/KW


Can anyone help me with Aeon Energy meter data request.

Iam useing Vera controller

And they have built in HTTP request possibliite for energy meters:

Watts :

It is working


Now aeon Clamps 2-Edition game with extra possiblitiy to report also VOLTAGE and AMPERS

but as I understand micasaverde do not have this kind of http request

( they have right now:
#define ENE_KWH “KWH”
#define ENE_KWH_READING “KWHReading” // The time it was last read
#define ENE_KVARH “kVARh”
#define ENE_KVAR “kVAR”
#define ENE_WATTS “Watts”
#define ENE_PULSE “Pulse”
#define ENE_ACTUAL “ActualUsage”
#define ENE_USER_SUPPLIED “UserSuppliedWattage”
#define ENE_WHOLE_HOUSE “WholeHouse”

Can enyone now a good simple way ( http script or somekind of request ) to get
voltage/amper value to http ??

aeon manual:
It can wirelessly report immediate wattage and kWh and voltage and amperage usage of the AC mains to a Z-Wave gateway. It can send Z-Wave REPORTS (Meter v3 Command Class) from Z-Wave GETs any time.
The HEM can also be setup to automatically REPORT to any given node within its own network via the Association Command Class (one association group).

But - How

Did you ever find an answer to this?

Did you try to manually add variables KVARH and KVAR? ::slight_smile:


Have somebody tried to get the Voltage and Ampers values ?



Bump. Anyone have this working with Vera?


I did some tests and I?ve verified that when you configure the HEM to report Watt, KwH and Volt the VeraEdge UI7 interface rotate the variable kwH between the values of kwH and Volt !. This happens also when you configure the HEM to report only Volt. So if you write a rule that checks the variable change and on the basis of a criteria (for example if the value is greater than 50 then the value is Volt) you can get the Volt measure.


Did you do this? If so, could you share the rule/code that you used?

Thank you!

[quote=“jsingle, post:7, topic:178941”]Did you do this? If so, could you share the rule/code that you used?

Thank you![/quote]

Hi jsingle,

I’ve used PLEG plugin : I check the change of Watt Variable and there is a condition that if the value of Watt is greater of 150 (in my case) I write the value in a variable of the Multistring Container Plugin.

Ask me if not clear .