Aeon Labs product line - supported?

Is Aeon Labs product line supported?

Nice door/window sensor, motion detector, remote… No idea where to buy it though…

looks great i’ve been waiting for a good window sensor.

Yes, they are supported

I’ve started testing some of the Aeon labs products, mainly the Door/Window sensor and the MiniMote (very small remote scene controllers). The minimote can be a seconday controller, and has 4 scene buttons. I’ll keep one of these guys in my car to turn on the z-wave controlled outdoor porch lights, and the other buttons turn on entrance lighting and living room lights. Small, sleek and usb rechargeable battery.

Both products were super easy to include and setup and it took just minutes to mount the sensors on my basement door. I setup a scene and it sends me a SMS message when the basement door is opened. I also setup my basement camera to take 1 minute of snapshots when the sensor is triggered.

This scene setup maybe took 1 minute to do, this is where I LOVE VERA - soooooo simple and easy to use once you get familiar with it. I’ll paitiently wait for a more stable version that the latest beta, but as soon as they have stability here, I’m all over selling these to friends and local folks that want to step into the automation age at an affordable price.

Looks cool, where can I buy them?

I worked with their dongle when I beta tested for someone and it worked well. Actually, it work with my schlage lock when my original dongle didn’t.

European Version:

Their PIR, is it based on the same OEM product as HSM100? It’s description just sounds too familiar

There’s a whole discussion about door sensors on zwaveworld forums what’s better: Hawking’s or Aeon…

@myhomeserver Where do they get minimotes these days? :slight_smile:

Bump: anyone know where to get minimotes?


@myhomeserver: I have not been able to set up my minimote to trigger scenes through Vera, would be a great help if you could detail the steps, Thanks!

So, what’s the verdict - which one is better? :slight_smile:

Ive never tried the hawking ones, but from past experience with their other products, Im steering clear. The Aeon labs stuff is nicely designed and so far are rock solid in my tests…

I didn’t enable scenes in mine, just devices. Is it working with devices individually? As in button 1, light 1 On/Off?

I can’t get my new minimotes working, either. I’ve read everything several times but I must still be missing some detail. Could you walk us through this? I’d like to control scenes, but after getting the scene controller in Vera, it doesn’t write the button assignments back to the controller. Or something.

I ordered mine when I heard others were using them but maybe they are only being used for direct control as in “I didn’t enable scenes in mine, just devices. Is it working with devices individually? As in button 1, light 1 On/Off?” so question,
Has anyone been able to run scenes with an Aeon labs minimote?

I’ll try this on mine later today or tomorrow and will report back

@ myhomeserver: Thanks very much! will be waiting on your results, … mine has a red cog next to it all the time, I havn’t tried direct control (not at that site today) but the reason I got it was to control scenes anyway

My minimote works fine with a lamp module as long as neither of them are in a Vera network. Is this how you have yours set up?