Aeon Labs Multisensor - pile of junk


I’ve got a gen 5 multisensor that has finally given up even pretending to work reliably and died. This is the second unit that’s done the same thing (the first was replaced very kindly by the vendor, even though I’d had it quite a while).

This is a really disappointing product with arcane configuration, poor feedback around any error conditions, patchy documentation and borderline fraudulent claims about its ability to work outside (even inside a weather shielding enclosure) and I would recommend that anyone considering one of these or the subsequent version think about it carefully before investing.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good, battery powered PIR sensor to replace it, please? I can live without the other sensors if that’s what it takes to get a reliable Z-wave PIR detector.

Many thanks,

For a good outdoor PIR I would go for a good quality mains version and take it output contacts into a window sensor wired input mounted inside the casing. At least you get one truly designed for outdoor use. This only works if you can get mains to it but I have not seen much in good quality battery outdoor types.


Running mains out to where I need the sensor isn’t really feasible, but I agree that there don’t seem to be a wealth of decent battery options - I was just hoping someone was going to point out something I’d missed.


Still time for someone to come back with one they like

My aeon multisensor has been working as a motion sensor for 9 months without a glitch, once I sorted the issues iwth the vera device types at the start. The battery has dropped a lot over winter but I am guessing thats partly a result of cold weather. you can run alarm motion sensors on 12v, doesnt need to be mains as I also have a Texecom external motion sensor.

I bought two earlier this year and they have been working as expected for a battery capable motion sensor … although I run them from a USB charger. One is near the fringe of my Z-Wave network.

They are not made for outdoor and I get way to many false alerts using PIR only outside with any device.

I have one to play with and I use mine on usb power for the normal, sleep battery conserve issues.

It seems to work ok but I use my alarm panel wired motions for everything really and even those have special dual sensor motions for outdoors vs. indoors units. It’s not just the weather proofing that is different in an outdoor sensor.

Does the Aeon labs multi sensor 6 work with Vera 3? I think the broader question is does the Vera 3 support the series 500 chip devices?

To be fair, the manual does say to turn off the motion sensor for outdoor use and use in a sheltered location. I use mine sheltered under a porch to turn on a light, and dont mind false activations, not that I have many, if any, but wouldnt rely on it for alarm use. Proper alarm ones have twin detection or other technologies to reduce false alarms, and not get triggered by wind, temp and sunlight changes, animals, birds etc.

I have a couple of series 5 Vision sensors on a UI7 Vera 3 and they work as expected. You just will not get any of the features the series 5 chipset offers but they are supposed to be backwards compatible.