Aeon Labs Gen 5

Just received this email from Aeon Labs: Support – Aeotec

Well, that’s what happens when you sign up for spam. Good luck unsubscribing. ;D

Well, that’s what happens when you sign up for spam. Good luck unsubscribing. ;D[/quote]

SPAM? Its a product announcement from a company whose products I have in use and its the first email the’ve sent me in months — i’d hardly call that SPAM :slight_smile:

More to the point is they are announcing several new products purportedly based on a newer revision of the Z-Wave protocol which I suspect will not be supported in Vera until the turn of the Century :).

I’ve fiddled with UI7 and frankly I wish they had spent their time and resources getting the internals up to speed with the current marketplace than messing with the UI. I realize that their meaning oif UI also includes the internals but the UI 5 was fine for what most people do with it

The problem with Aeon Lab is that their marketing people are related to Vera marketing folks. They love to issue press releases and announcements that their product teams are months, if not years, away from actually delivering.

Scratching my head as to how any of the Z-wave product producing companies must spend a good bit of $$ on product engineering, marketing yet can’t actually test their products??? Aeon Labs latest Heavy Duty Switch… Doesn’t work with Vera3. Wouldn’t you think they would include this small piece of info in their product information??? Errr… ordering something that doesn’t work, spending hours and hours trying to figure out why only to have to go through the trouble of returning a purchase.

Where did you find out about the heavy duty switch? I know the 3 I bought don’t work, but never did get any responses from aeotec. Are they planning on fixing it?

@Nutron - absultely right, just returned my Aeon siren DSD31 after hours and hours trying to install!

I spotted it on Amazon while hunting for a Z-wave product to control my hot water heater. It looked ideal, so I ordered it. I’m still quite new to the Z-wave scene but not new to the world of computers and their gizmos. At any rate, it arrived and of course the install failed. Systematically I trouble shot the pairing process. I even took the Vera3 to the Aeon Switch. Low power, High power, Nope!! One time it failed during the setting security something or another, however, I was able to toggle it on and off. It just kept showing the red warning banner under the device in Ui5. Naively, I excluded the device and tried to pair it for the 273 time. Since then it just fails to obtain the version info during setup and that is that. I did find that I could manually give it the version info in the Advanced settings. I used my Jasco switch version number. The thing then configures just fine. However, like I read in other posts, I can poll, I receive temperature and watts data, I just cannot toggle it on or off from the Ui. Kills me since I did in fact have it working and therefor just know it’s a matter of stumbling on a workaround.


Did you have any luck getting Smart Switch Gen5 working under UI5?
I have similar problem as I recently posted here:,28692.0.html