Aeon labs door/window sensor made all lights in house flash

Maybe stupid question, but I was testing my newly purchased Aeon Labs Door/window sensor, and suddenly it seems it triggered an alarm, because all the lights in my house started flashing continously, and I could not make them stop. Even unplugging Vera 3 didnt stop the lights from flashing, and I had to pull my fuses to make it stop.

After some research I can see that the sensor supports an alarm command class, which triggers all my units (mostly Fibaro modules).

What I cant figure out is how to make it stop, when it has been triggered.
Anyone know how to do this? I can turn off the feature in all my other z-wave units, but it would be nice how I could stop it from MiOS.

Thanks in advance… ???

Did you find a solution to this? I’m in the same boat.

From the FM, should only do this if the tamper switch on the back is released. Meaning if the door/window switch isn’t seated properly.