Aeon Labs 4-in-1 Motion sensors - swapped child/parent devices?

I have two of the Aeon Labs 4-in-1 motion sensors (the older, round ones). One is set up with batteries, and the other is plugged in. The one with batteries is on the first floor of my house, and the one that’s plugged in is on the second floor. So in Vera, I have 8 “devices” (4 each) from these two sensors.

So far, so good.

When I check the reading from the humidity, light, and temp sensors, though, they seem to be reversed. The reading for the upstairs temperature is what I’d expect to see downstairs (they’re in different heating zones), and vice versa. Same for the humidity and light levels. I’ve confirmed the expected temperature and humidity reading with a standalone thermometer and hygrometer, as well as via my ecobee3 thermostat.

On top of that, I sometimes see the battery level indicator on the child devices of the 4-in-1 that is plugged in. And no battery level indicator on the child devices of the 4-in-1 that is battery operated. Strangely, though, today I’m not seeing battery level indicators on any of the child devices.

At first I thought that I just mislabeled the child devices when I named them, but when I check the “id_parent” on the advanced settings page, the parent device number matches the device that I named them after.

Does Vera sometimes get confused with child devices like this? Can I fix it by changing the “id_parent” settings, or will that just make things worse? Would it be better just to swap their name and room assignments and pretend that they’re set up correctly, otherwise?

Perhaps check the labels match each altid of the children: m1=temperature, m3=lumens, m5=humidity to make sure they are labeled correctly. The sensor is the parent.

I think it normal to only see battery level on the parent device (motion sensor). Attached is the manual i used to set up mine. Hope this helps.