Aeon HEM3 graph on a Vera Edge

Dear All,

I’m really new to the Domotica. Just bought the Vera Edge the Aeon HEM3 and some wcd energy monitors. I wanted to get grip on my energy usage before investing in more in the domotica.
But I can’t get a graph out of it. The Ergy app isn’t really working stable. (Most of the time I have to log in, but they won’t respond to my request to register)

So I thought to use the Datamine or the dataYours app. But I can’t get it all to work. I guess I have to tell the HEM3 to put his data on a folder and tell the graph app to get the data from the same folder. But I can’t get it working. I also couldn’t find a Easy guide for UI7. Can someone help me with this?

I haven’t used the HEMg3 but have used Datamine with HEMg1 and g2. You generally need a USB drive in the Vera and follow the instructions under Settings/Logs to enable it. Then in Datamine, follow the instructions to use the Vera USB mount location, the default storage location is fairly limited. My VeraLite only has one USB input, I suppose I could add a USB hub to get more inputs if needed.

Then in the Datamine graphing page (once the above is set up), drill down through your device list looking for the “Watts” or “KWH” field on the HEMg3. You may need to expand out all the sub-devices to find which one has the data you want. Then select it and enable it for logging and then make a graph and include that variable in the graph and see if it starts showing up.

I log my two HEM devices, one for incoming utility power and the other for in-house solar power production and that has been working well for some weeks now. It took just sitting down and working through all the steps until it started to make sense.

Work on VeraLite… but not working on Vera Edge… :cry:

What’s the problem with DataYours? It should work…

How did you make that graph? Jut started using datayours this weekend and I have line graphs going OK… but I’d like to be able to graph Watts and overlay temperature to it - but there doesn’t seem to be a way to change the scale for each of the variables. For example, temp ranges from -20 to 120 and watts from 0 - 2000.

Multiple graphs on different scales is not something it does at the moment. Much requested… I must get around to it sometime! Sorry.

That’s cool… thanks for letting me know so that I don’t spend all day trying to figure it out!