AEON door/window sensor - PROBLEM


I’m also using the Aeon Door sensor, and I have a big problem.

The sensor it works quite correctly, but time to time the system send the command “triggered” also when the door is closed.

This is a huge problem as I use these sensor for an alarm system.

Do you have this kind of problem?

I have one sensor in the main entrance door and three sensors in some windows.

Also in the windows I have the same problem. Maybe I close the windows, the sensor light up with the red led, but in Vera the is still triggered.

Did you ever notice some transmission problem?

I have the version 1337.

Thank you very much in advance

I don’t have the Aeons, but I have 4 Hawking HRDS1 sensors which have been running for over 6 months without any false triggers. They’ve been 100% solid.

I think the Aeon and Hawking have the same guts, and the Hawkings seem to no longer be available, so my next sensors will likely be Aeons. I’m interested in what you find out.

Until I can find solution, I would have bought the HRDS1 sensor.

Are they not more reliable in the market?


I have observed the same issue. I believe when the door is closed slowly it can appear tripped after full closure. Not positive though but I have a few false trips for extended periods a month. I could not use one alone as a security device, but in combination with motion sensors could do the trick (which have also stuck tripped until the next time they are tripped).

I have both Aeon and Hawkings (HRSD1) sensors. I have not had trouble with false alarms with Aeon labs sensors but haven’t used them long.
Hawkings sensors availability comes and goes. Two weeks ago, I found the HRDS1 sensors on sale on ebay (from Hawkings Technology) for $29 each for one batch and $30 each.
Two advantages of Hawkings sensor are wide availabilty of AAA batteries (even good rechargeables such as Sanyo Eneloop can be used) and the ability to wire to set of external contacts. I had trouble using either Aeon Labs or HRDS1 sensor on my windows because the window screen makes placement challenging. With micro wired external magnet pair sensors, I can locate sensor away from window screen using the remote pair of wired sensors.
The generic looking lithium CR2 batteries which came with Aeon didn’t last very long (2-3 months) despite Aeon’s claim that they should last 2 yrs. CR2 are camera batteries but not as available as AAA batteries.

I am using a AEON on my garage door. Every time the door closes, the logs show that Vera receives three triggers (close, open, close). Likewise, when it opens, it receives three (open, close, open). The final state is always accurate, but the toggle in the middle screws everything up. I want to use this to turn on the garage lights at night when the doors open, but this is causing the lights to turn on when I close the door as well.

I am using one Hawkings (HRSD1) sensor to monitor two large garage doors and one passage door. I am using the aux input and so far after three month no false triggers and it is used as an alarm trigger. If anyone is using these units to monitor single or multiple doors be very careful on how much wire you use to connect up your door contacts. I found that I was getting very erratic sensor readings when I hooked up all my doors. After a bit of testing I found that the voltage drop in the wiring (about 7 meters in total) was the cause of the fault. The HRSD1 can not provide enough current to overcome the voltage drop even when I switched over to an external power supply. As a final result I connected all the door sensors in series with a micro reed relay (5v 30 ma) and the same 5v power supply used to power the HRSD1. The contacts of the relay are directly connected to the aux inputs. Now when any of the doors are opened the reed relay opens and the HRSD1 trips. Responds fast and so far very reliable.

I converted my HRSD1 to an external power supply because my garage is not heated and the batteries were only lasting two weeks in the cold weather plus it now drives the reed relay, two for the price of one.