Aeon Door Sensor

I have an Aeon Door sensor which I can pair with Vera2 fine and it works when within 20ish feet of the Vera. When I take the sensor to the door it doesn’t report back to Vera when the door is open/closed. I suspect the Aeon sensor is outside the range of the Vera so I placed a powered Appliance module between the Vera and the Aeon Sensor.

However, this still doesn’t work. Do I need to do something to the z-wave network to connect the Aeon sensor to the Appliance module then onto the Vera?

Looking through the forum I see that Vera updates it’s z-wave network daily so I thought leaving it a few days would solve the problem.

(Vera 2 european running the latest UI2 firmware)

You’ll need to a network heal. or individually update the nodes for each device (not sure if this option is possible in UI2?) or where either option is now since I haven’t used UI2 in ages.

Thanks for the prompt response. Do I need to wake up the Aeon sensor for this to work?

Do you know what range is achievable for the Aeon Sensor?

Sorry don’t have one but if the range is anything comparable to the Hawking ones then its probably not great.

You can try to wake it but I’m not sure if that works.
Most of these battery devices seem to have a mind of their own and configure when they want to.