Aeon Door Sensor Configuration


I have a couple of Aeon Door/Window Sensors (Aeon-Labs ZWave Door/Window Sensor DSB04100-ZWEU) connected to my MCV system and am having problems getting them to work reliably.

I have installed them, registered them, etc… but I am only alerted every now and again when a door is open… there is no schedule to this - sometimes a few hours, sometimes 12 hours, sometimes no alerts for a day or more.

Here is (attached) my current configuration.

Can anyone help to get these to work more reliably?

Thanks in advance

Do they react consistently and showed tripped every time you open a door?

Maybe they are on the fringe of reception with Vera? Do you have many other devices?

They seem to just work when they feel like it. Nothing consistent at all. I have moved a spare plug controller near them so that it acts as a repeater of sorts… thinking that it may be on the fringe too… but no change. Plus I have motion sensors near both doors that work perfectly fine. So am thinking it is how I have them configured…?

After moving the apiance module, did you do a heal? This likely won’t work very well anyway since they need to be awake during this, and you may have to trip them to wake during the heal!

I’ve never had one be intermittent, but I have had them fail to work at all, and the solution was to exclude and re-include! It maybe worth doing this anyway with full power inclusion, after the heal (if it didn’t work). This makes sure it’s routing via the apiance module!

Hi. Yes, I healed. I’ve healed dozens of times. Is there anything in the config settings for these devices that I should be doing?

I think my Aeon’s all have default settings.

Have you tried getting one to work reliably near Vera?

Hi mhopkins

I also seem to having the exact same issue with the Aeon Lab Door/Window sensor and I was wondering if it was just me and the tech asit seemed to br inconsistent.

I’ve tried taking it out and waking it up, which seems to work for a bit (one or two sensor trips) but then it starts to play up :(.

Out of interest - Can you get the red light on yours to constantly blink (not just a couple times) but for a chunk of time ?

The reason I ask is that in the manual ( section 2.2 & 2.3 suggest i can make it blink for 10mins - I can’t seem to make it do that.

I even paid extra for this one over the EverSpring thinking it would be better :slight_smile:

I’d start testing how well they work when they are near Vera. do they work consistently or not? If yes, then it’s a range issue, otherwise it may be a faulty sensor, a misconfiguration, or interference of some sort …

Thanks Capjay, I’ll try the sensor next to my Vera tomorrow to see if it behaves differently.

The device is currently still sitting in a tripped (red man) state and the door has been opened a couple of times since :frowning:

I’ve heard the term ‘full power’ sync or something like that mentioned before in other posts - do you know what that is/means ?

you probably mean “full power inclusion” but that’s for including and excluding devices…

Yep, that’s it - what is it and how do you do it? (I have more devices to add)

a good place to start: