Advanced Guide: IR Control Setup

Control Cube has the capability of integrating directly with Global Cache IR products for the purpose of controlling you A/V setup. Here is how it works:

We have created 3 Generic Devices (which correspond to a UI). Generic TV, Generic Satellite Receiver, Generic Sound System. Setting it up is incredibly easy. Let’s say you have a Samsung TV connected to Port 2 on a Global Cache IP2IR device on a local IP address of

In Control Cube, simply go to settings->add device->Generic TV. Then enter the IP address of the GC device (, enter the Port Number (2), specify the room to which this TV belongs, and finally specify the XML configuration file.

Control Cube has it’s own format for XML configuration files, you can either use the predefined files which are created by us. Or you can create your own but you must follow our format.

Check out sample XML files here:

You will notice there is a file in there called Samsung.xml (case sensitive). This file has the IR codes in GC format for a standard LED Samsung TV. So back in our example, all you need to do is specify the URL of that XML file. You can also enter your own URL if you have uploaded any XML files on your own website, or you can send us your XML files at and we will upload the files to our XML directory.

Once you add the device, Control Cube will download the XML file representing the device you want to control and store it in its local database (therefore an Internet connection is only needed during adding the device).

The above procedure applies as-is to a satellite receiver or set-top box, or a sound system. As long as the XML config file is correct, it will work flawlessly, just make sure you follow the exact same format for your custom device. If you need any help on XML file format, please place a reply in this thread.