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Does anyone know much about the ADT Pulse system? Is there a Zwave compliant device in the mix that could be used with Vera or is the Pulse just their own proprietary gateway? Their pricing is ridiculous (monthly fees and all) but if you can get their equipment on Vera on would rather go that route.

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I had the ADT Pulse pitch presented to me. The salesman in my area was essentially uninformed as to what z-wave was and what Pulse did with it. What he knew was that my window and door sensors could stay, my smoke alarms and other wireless sensors would need to be changed along with my two wired keypads. Total bill >$1000 to replace a system (Safewatch 3000/Ademco 20P) that works fine. And in the end, ADT would let me somehow get notifications to my mobile phone and may have some sort of remote access over the internet.

He did indicate that perhaps 6 months to a year from now, ADT may have something similar to the Honeywell ICM using z-wave to interface better to existing systems. No promises, just that he fealt ADT had to eventually offer something in that direction because there are so many existing customers who won’t throw additional money at their alarm system to upgrade something that already works.

Admittedly, ADT Pulse is something to consider if you have a new installation or no existing alarm. Everything is built into the keypad, no options yet for hard wired sensors, just wireless was what he told me.

I called to inquire, seems like they don’t have the ADT Pulse available in all areas yet…

Yeah - I’ve gone through this with ADT three or four times. Basically they don’t know anything about their own products. But what I have been able to piece together is that there is a unit called an iHub that ADT is already testing in Florida and some other southern states. This ihub hooks up to your existing panel (certain panels - but there are several) and adds the alarm into the ZWave network. But I have yet to find a sales rep who can tell me the price of when it is coming to my area (SF Bay Area). I can’t wait though!! :slight_smile:

adt pulse teir 1 and teir 2 where rolled out yesterday in select markets . south florida and i think the houston area. basically they installed a new alarm panel in your home . If your house is alraedy hardwired they can use the existing componets. if they are wireless they must me G.E. wireless componets.Teir two gives you control of your lightning and temperature control along with all your security needs. teir three includes everything from teir 2 but includes video. if anyone is intersted you can call me at 754 246 6704 and i can set up an appointment to give you a demo of the systems . thanks John Flak

looks like the I hub is a VERA 2 could that be?

I’m in south florida, John, are you an ADT installer?

so do you know who makes the zwave box?

ADT Pulse not available in the United Kingdom yet!!! ADT UK hadn’t even heard of it, great comm’s!!!

Not a surprise as the USA reps who are rolling out Pulse in select markets don’t know much about it either. They are apparently learning as they go???
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ADT pulse is based on

It is a platform that they are an investor in. Apple invested in icontrol too.

ADT Pulse is available nation wide to my understanding. I am a sales rep in the Philadelphia area. If you live in northeast area of the country (or anywhere really) and are interested in learning more about the system please contact me at 267-257-5757.
Robert Konzelman

Interesting stuff here. Try us for $99 one-time activation fee, 49.99 a month, with free color touchscreen cellular based alarm panel (no phone line required), cell-based two way voice (speakerphone type system for faster police response–kind of like a more advanced Onstar–with a live operator in an emergency), free equipment–about 8 points of protection (not counting the keypad) (for example: 3 doors, 2 motions, and a keyfob remote–or 4 doors, 1 motion, 1 or 2 keyfobs–or 3 doors, a motion, a smoke, etc…), full remote access (free) from internet or smartphone anywhere in the world, built-in z wave chip and controller, option for full thermostat control (in house and remotely through internet or smartphone) for a small amount per month but free thermostat (can handle multiple thermostats with multiple temperature settings and zones–remotely accessible as well) and lighting/small appliance control (remotely accessible as well)–everything comes with a full warranty for the life of the customer. Most people save money on their energy bill per month (an average of $25 or more) since the smart thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature when you’re away or home, which it can tell from when you arm and disarm the alarm system. We also offer video cameras and door locks that integrate with the alarm, among other products.

Call me for details. We are the largest privately owned alarm company in the U.S. The top three in production (total installs) in the U.S. over the past three years has been ADT, us, and Brinks (Broadview–now owned by Tyco, who owns ADT–it is now a part of ADT). Most our business is done through direct sales and word of mouth, so you’ve probably never seen our commercials.

I have sold over 700 of these accounts personally–and I don’t know of a better system for the price in all of North America. I have taken hundreds of customers from other companies over to our company, and I feel great about it–I’m putting the customers with a company that has better customer service (us and Brinks are the only two alarm companies in North America to ever have won the coveted JD Power and Associates Outstanding Customer Service Experience Award–no other alarm companies have ever rated high enough by their customers satisfaction scores (surveyed at random–by JD Power) to win it. I respect the competition–and I love putting customers with the best company in America (in my opinion)–with great, full warranties and excellent customer service–the best in America from what I’ve seen first hand–and I’ve been with multiple companies before I came to this one.

Competition is HUGE and WONDERFUL for the consumers. Isn’t America a beautiful place? :slight_smile: if you have questions. Talk to you soon. Take care, stay safe, and enjoy this great and exciting technology!!

It integrates effectively and easily with existing hardwired and wireless (GE and Honeywell/Ademco) sensors–very handy. A lot of companies don’t appreciate us taking a lot of their business–but the customers absolutely LOVE what we do for them. :slight_smile: Fun job actually.

To get a small taste of what the equipment looks like and a little on how it works, go to and check out the approximately two minutes video on the bottom right. This equipment manufacturer was started a couple years ago by some of Honeywell’s top minds and most experienced veterans–who broke off on their own and developed this remarkable technology which has already proven to be extremely successful and popular. My company has already put in close to 160,000 of these systems this year alone. Talk to you soon.

My email is in my previous message (right above) if you have questions.

David, is it available in Canada ?


A rep at 2Gig told me: “The system requires a GSM unit linked with for any remote accessibility. It does not have an internet connection.”

I have secure remote access (via VPN) to my home router and do not need (or want) for this.

What plans are there to offer access to the panel via a network API?

Love the 2Gig hardware, but definitely not inclined to pay for access I already have.

Many thanks !

Hello all,

Today I received a pitch from ADT sales rep for the Pulse. I live in Los Angeles CA. I have a Honeywell alarm system and all sensors are wired except for 2 locations, which are RF. I was told he can change out the RFs and use my exisiting system. The wall control panels will be deactivated because the new mobile control pad will replace it. It has a screen to view the video cameras. I’ve got the Pulse Premier package. The package includes 6 video cameras (2 indoor mobile cameras, 4 bullet type outdoor cameras, a Safeguard website to access live and recorded videos, a remote control key chain, a thermal stat controller, a wall lightswitch controller, one lamp controller, and 1 motion sensor. I added additional equipment and upgrades. I’ve added 1 bullect video camera, a 4 channel DVR for 24 hr recording, and elected not to receive the motion sensor, but use the cost to help offset the additional camera. Total cost is $3833 for equipment and labor. Monthly is $57.99 (was paying $35.99 monthly for burglar alarm only). System does not require phone land line to operate because it works wireless.

Thanks for the info jvega3. Is it just me or does disabling the wall control panels in favor of mobile control panel(s) seem like a really bad idea?

The mobile control panel is the latest technology to the user. You can place it anyware on the home and watch the live video cycle each camera. It does require an AC oulet for it to operate. I like it because you can take it to the bedroom at night or have it next to you when watching TV, or place it in the kitchen while you cook.

I forgot to mention since I have a computer monitor, I can watch my video cameras from it too. Also, there is a free app for blackberry, iphone, and droid to access your Safeguard web account to view your live video cameras while you are away from home.