Adding scene to ACT ZRM230


How can I add a scene to the #1 button of the ACT ZRM230? I have tried the following:

  • create a new scene

  • add command

  • add event Device = #34 TestController

  • A scene is activated

  • Name for this event = Test

  • Which scene number = 1

  • Then when I go to the TestController I can see on the control tab ScenesButton #1-on=New scene,

  • On the Advanced tab I can see at the scene Button #1-on=New scene,

But when I push the button nothing happens. Is their something that I did wrong.

I am using the 1.1.1338 beta firmware.

I’m not sure if the ZRM230 is capable of triggering scenes in Vera, but I have a ZTW230 which is scene-capable. For this switch, the up button corresponds to Scene nr. 255 in the Events tab, and the down button corresponds to Scene nr. 0. You might want to try these values.