Adding an existing Mysensors network

I’ve just set up a new installation of OpenLuup with AltUI, and tried connecting it to my existing MySensors network (using an Ethernet gateway). Logs indicate that the connection works, but the MySensor devices are not being created. Is there anything special I have to do to create these devices?

None of my Mysensors devices expose anything special, it’s all on/off switches, binary sensors, temperature sensors and dimmers.

are they still on your vera?
If so you need to remove the gateway and then to go to each sensor and hit the reset button or power cycle whilst you have your openluup gateway plugin set to include mode

You do, of course, have to include them with the plugin button, in the usual way, whilst powering up each sensor. There’s a one minute timeout on that operation too.

I don’t remember doing that when moving from one Vera to another. But anyway, using the include button and powering up the Arduinos one node at a time does work… for most devices. I got all Arduino nodes and most sensors and switches, but one binary sensor and one switch are not showing despite repeated inclusion attempts

What version of the Arduino plugin and gateway library are you using?

Plugin: 1.5
Arduino lib 1.4.1

Ah, interesting… mine declares

Plugin Version: 1.4
Lib Version: 1.5

So your’s is a more up to date version of the plugin.
The lib version is, AFAIK, from the Arduino gateway, so a bit older.

But so long as it seems to work, I guess that’s OK.
I meant to ask whether you got it from the UI5 branch or the UI7 one.

A further thought:

...but one binary sensor and one switch are not showing despite repeated inclusion attempts

Is it possible that these nodes have different firmware?

I used the UI7 version

Those nodes run the same firmware. In fact one node contains 3 binary sensors, 2 dimmers and a temperature sensor. And they all show up except one binary sensor.

The missing switch did appear after doing Clear Children and repeating the inclusion.