Adding a device via Develop Apps -> Create Device broken (IP Address Issue?)

I just added a device using “Apps” → “Develop Apps” → “Create device”.

It looked like I was successful, but afterwards I could not find my device. Then I noticed one of my previously created devices was broken.

I was trying to create a mochad device using my mochad plugin. Instead the device_type, device_file, and impl_file on one of my IP cameras were changed to value I entered for mochad. The other variables are still there (URL, etc) so now I have a weird hybrid device.

This may be because the IP address is the same. The embedded computer I have running the mochad daemon is also running “motion”, a linux webcam package.

I noticed yesterday that it wasn’t possible to add a second IP camera with the same IP address as another and I think is the same issue. The work around appears to be use a fake IP address and change it once the device is created.

Maybe I’m alone here but I have a few computers running services that are used by several different vera plugins, and I’m planning on adding quite a bit more. I have lots of IP address conflicts. In fact my embedded device running mochad (a pogoplug) may also be handling mochad, bluetooth proximity, lirc, a weather station, and two webcams. That is potentially six vera devices with the same IP address!

Are they on the same port?