Add sonos Alarmclock features to plugin

Would be super-nice if we could get/set alarmclock feature of the sonos through the plugin aswell.

This feature could be used to fetch wakeup time to trigger Wakeupramp of lights, turn on coffemachine in the morning etc.
…or the other way around… we could set Sonos wakeup time automatically from google calendar plugin etc…

It is actually already possible to start a radiostation in the morning by using a a scheduled scene instead… bypassing the Alarmclock feature in Sonos. But I imagine its better to releave the Vera from this duty if it is possible. Also the Vera can be turned of and alarm still works.


This is why I added the Scene trigger to indicate Play status. You can attach things to be done when it changes to Plays, Stopped, etc. You can’t determine from that if it was triggered from an Alarm though…

Setting alarms via Vera would be clunky (compared to the native interface), but I could understand the request for a Luup API.

If you want to write the changes, and Doc, we can add it in.

We would need a Sonos speaker in our bedroom first :smiley:

Just realized it was possible to access AlamClock feature and wanted to write this down for the future enhancements list. And yes… I might add the feature when we start using the alarm function.

…My wifes radioalarm clock is a bit old and flaky… Play:3 is small and nice… just wish it had a display with the actual time aswell :slight_smile:

No worries. I added the scene hook because we have a Connect AMP in the bedroom that we use only as an Alarm clock, and I wanted it to turn on the hot water record pump.

Nice post/thread on LinkedIn, BTW…

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