Add Homeseer as secondary controller ?


I try to add Homeseer as a secondary controller on the Vera, but i don’t know how to proceed ?
I have tried to put Vera in Include Mode to add a controller, and in Homeseer, i click on the “Include” button, but Vera see nothing.

I’d like to add Homeseer as secondary controller, to control Zwave but also other technology. Vera stays the primary controller for the “life” functions.

Do you have an idea ?

Are you sure that that is to include Homeseer as a secondary controller, rather than to include devices into the network controlled by Homeseer as a primary?

I have this explanation on the include buton:

Click to include HomeSeer as a node on other devices such as a Wayne Dalton garage gateway module. This sends a node information frame that emulates a standard On/Off Z-Wave device.

That’s not it then.

You have to use “Manage Z-Wave Controller” - “Replicate Receive” on HomeSeer.


Thanks, it seems work !

  • Put Vera on Include Mode

  • Use “Manage Z-Wave Controller” / “Replicate Receive” on HomeSeer

  • And Import Devices fomr controller in Homeseer, it will create all Zwave devices in Homeseer.

I can now control my device with Vera or Homeseer :smiley:

Hello cedriclocqueneux,

How well is this dual z-wave controller stuff working with HomeSeer? I’m interested in trying this setup with a new FrontPoint Security system I ordered lastnight.

Thinking I will remove the z-wave deadbolt, and Thermostat, off of my HomeSeer system; then associate them to the z-wave network available for the emPower enabled Simon XT (with Z-wave GE Touchscreen 60-924-RF-TS) Security system I am going to install. So my HomeSeer stuff will do the heavy lifting on the z-wave lighting and scene control (Usinga far better GUI using HSTouch on my iPhone and iPad) and the security/thermostat control functions on the new GE Security system.

Do you think this sounds feasible? Do you think HomeSeer will be able to recongnize the Thermostat and Lock through the new GE controller(s)?

Any experience/advice you could give on a dual controller stetup would be very helpful!

I think it must be possible.
Dual controler works good here with Vera and Homeseer. Only problem with EZmotion that doesn’t report data to Vera and Homeseer: it’s only Vera, or only Homeseer, and i don’t know why :confused:

Interesting, I suppose I will have to post this over at the HomeSeer Board, and get some feedback there…

Yeah, Z-wave motion sensors have always had some issues from what I have read online. That is why I am going with a true security system for motion/fire/flood/Carbon Monoxide monitoring/reporting; and z-wave for lighting, and hopefully shades soon, etc.

It sure would be nice to have the best of all worlds without having to worry about compatibility…If I could integrate all the z-wave devices into one control system; ie HomeSeer, but be able to have the automation features of emPower for Security I think it would be awsome!

What are using HomeSeer for control other than the z-wave dvices on your Vera? You are able to setup and control all the z-wave lights you have on Vera from your HomeSeer set right?

Thanks for the prompt reply!

Yes, i can control all my lights from Vera on Homeseer.

I use t for “experience”, and to have a more friendly touchscreen with HSTouch.

Assuming you let Vera do all the configuration, have you tried manually adding an association with Homeseer for the EZmotion (or any other device that reports status)?

No, but i’ll try this.

One more quick question Cedric:

Do you happen to have any z-wave controlled locks in your network? If so, can HomeSeer control the locks since you have HomeSeer set up as a Secondary Controller?

I am trying to get to the bottom of the reason why I cannot get my Schalage Lock’s encryption settings to be seen in a secondary controller (IE a Simon XT z-wave enabled (version 1.4) alarm panel) and consequently I cannot control the lock from the secondary.

I’m thinking if you do have locks, and they can be controlled by HomeSeer or Vera 2, ie primary vs secondary, then there must be something wrong with the way the Simon XT receives the “Replicate Send” information from HomeSeer.

Sorry, i don’t have z-wave controlled locks, there are not availaible in Europe for the moment :confused:


Do you think it is possible to do so with a Z-Stick S2 ?

I’ve been trying around but couldn’t make it secondary.