ACT Dimmer double-click and triple-click

The ACT Dimmer switches allow you to control up to 3 groups by the number of times you click the switch. Single click controls group 1 (and the connected load), Double click controls devices associated to group 2, and Triple click controls devices associated to group 3. Group 4 is reserved for associations with controllers (like vera).

I am thinking that this feature will allow me to treat each ACT dimmer as a psuedo scene controller IF vera can distinguish between the single, double, and triple clicks at the switch.

FYI: Without vera, the associations for the ACT dimmer are held within the dimmer switch itself. So, for example, a double click just causes the local dimmer switch to forward the commands (on/off/dim/bright) to all the devices in its group 2 list. The devices in its group 2 list are added via the instructions that come with the dimmer switch.

Does anyone know if vera can distinguish single/double/triple clicks and generate different events in vera for triggering?

Have you ever figured out how to do this?

I want to do the same, namely trigger a scene when I double tap on one of my Homepro/ACT switches.

I can’t figure out how to do it. The homepro/Act switches ZDW120 or ZRW103 have no Scene tab in the UI and when defining an event on a scene, these devices only show on/off events not group events.

What am I missing?