acess to vera3

Hello !

I have seen my ipad is connected to my wifi and vera3 is connected to my network and connected in
my ipad goes to internet and in returns to my vera3…

why vera3 don’t have a login to my wifi network and this access would be direct ???

I see when I’m without internet connection I can’t turn my lights from ipad…correct ???

I have installed redeye by thinkflood and this device comes with a wifi network for 1st access and you put the password and name of your wifi network and never more you loose acess… this way the signal is better because the connection now is thru your wifi signal around your home.

please if I’m wrong let me know and please show me the correct way to configure vera3.

thanks !!!

If you are on the same LAN as your Vera, then you should be able directly access it via its IP address directly. You should have your Vera set with a Static IP really so that you always know where to find it locally without using

Access your Vera via the MCV site and look up the local IP address of the Vera. Type that IP address into the address line of your browser on the iPad and it should take you directly into the UI.

Also, Vera can connect to your LAN through a wired or a wireless connection.

thank you folks !!!

I will try all options and let you know.