Accessing logs remotely

I am managing a remote Vera Plus, and now have a need to access the logs to troubleshoot two lights. The device logs always show ‘no activity’ in red.
What is the best method for getting logs remotely?

I tried EventWatcher, but did not get it to work and then found a thread that states it does not play nice with UI7 (which I assume I have; another question).

(I have rebooted after all setting and plug-in changes)

I just SSH in from my jump box. That’s gonna be tough to set up remotely, granted, unless it’s already in place


there is the getlog plugin in apps/install type getlog in search.

I’m adding log display to LuaView as we speak (I’m not sure the old getlog plugin is still supported, or even works–anybody?)

Edit: getlog was last updated in 2016–probably doesn’t need a lot of updates once its working. Nonetheless, version 1.7 of LuaView will have it (stable development branch on Github has the code now, if anybody is on 1.6 and wants to preview).

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its there in apps and says UI7 on web site. But hay if you add in LuaView all the same.

Yay! Funny, I was going ask you about adding a log viewer (and dare we even ask for some search tools, too?)

Thanks Patrick!

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I just run a script to copy it and encode it so i can download it dem cmh-luld

Hacked mine to upload to a local FTP server when it archives.

Better go and clean up, in fact !


It overwrites it everytime my unit reboots and i ehave a button to fetch on demand

doesnt show up in the stable branch on git hub

Error… Luup may be reloading… retrying… 3

Timing is everything… and when you accidentally specify a timeout as seconds and the system units are milliseconds, random hilarity ensues…

Stable branch updated. Try again after updating.

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