Access to private beta?

How does one go about getting “voted in” to the private beta team? Do you have to be a long time contributor, or are relative “newbies” to Luup / MCV allowed? (I’m a newbie here but have about 25 years of software development experience - embedded or otherwise)

I’m asking because I recently developed a thermostat plugin (Radio Thermostat Wi-Fi Plugin), and it looks like there are numerous thermostat fixes / enhancements in the current private beta release.

I’ve already “redone” part of the default thermostat UI to work around some bugs, but it would be nice to get a head start on developing / testing the plug-in for the next version of UI5.


According to other threads in this forum you have to be elected by the current beta team.

I think it is smart to provide private beta only to experienced users, otherwise you get a lot of wrong bugs and senseless/duplicated threads here.

But I also do think once you published a plugin on you should become a private beta tester, how else would you be able to make sure your plugins are running with the upcoming firmware version?

I am not really an experienced software developer, but I am an engineer and I’ve published three plugins, I also have a couple of posts in this forum (over 250 in 3 month), but I am not a beta tester, to bad.