A list of all Luup plugins, Luup code fragments and clients

Very nice

Great resource!

As not all the plugins are listed in the Wiki:

  • is it possible to download or view the source code of a plugin before installing it?
  • how to determine after installing a plugin which files were installed (and which settings changed) by the plugin?

I was looking to add some functionality to the Global Cache GC100 plugin (actually for the Itach), and went to retrieve the code repository link, unfortunately, all the links under the Global Cache plugin send you to the Caddx/GE/Networx NX-584/NX-8E security system data.

Can someone asssit in pointing me in the right direction to find the Global Cache data or correct the links?



Hi, I recognise this is an old thread but as its stickied… any chance of getting my plugin on this list? (I’m unable to edit the wiki as it wont let me create an account as im not an admin)

Its an alarm panel integration plugin for Texecom Premier Elite (big in UK)