8918W Foscam - plugin installation impossible.

Hi, i try to install the Foscam plugin into UI7, I always get an error saying “impossible to install”. The application seems there but impossible to set the camera properly, even with the best advices over the forum.

Anybody has been able to install a 8918w over UI7 ???


Same problem here… Anyone got it to work?

I was able to use the camera, but not the Foscam plugin.

Basically I just installed the camera from the camera add button and skipped to the manual install. Then selected VistaCam SD/PT and added the IP address.

The camera device still will not show an image so you have to go to Devices->“your camera”->settings->advanced settings and enter the following;

substitute u and p with your actual settings

URL = /snapshot.cgi?user=u&pwd=p

This setup should work, but understand it will only provide the image and not give you any control of the camera. Hopefully Vera will correct the plugin issue in the future to be able to install and gain access to the controls.

Same here, I’m able to get the camera installed now using the VistaCam SD/PT drop down. However, unable to get the PT functionality working when the camera is in view in UI7. Looks like it’s using the Apexis IP Camera plugin. I don’t see a VistaCam UI7 plugin like there was for UI5/6.

You have to update both the snapshot and video URLs with u/p.

Anyone have any luck on UI7 with the PT?