750 Millivolt thermostat?

I am looking for a way to control a Jotul GF-300 gas stove. It has a thermostat “option” requiring a “2-wire” 750 millivolt DC thermostat.

Is there a way to do this with zwave/vera?


I believe one of the newer Honeywell tsats supports 750mw.

I think the InTouch CA8900 supports millivolt. At least that is what it says here on there website.

The gas stove uses two wires and I assume I hook those up to the “W” and “RH” terminals.
I was thinking I could use a 24v transformer to supply the required 24v power to the thermostat. Automated Outlet - Smart Home Automation Solutions

But how would i hook up the 2 wires from this? I would think they need to be hooked up to the “C” and the “RH” terminals. But would that work if the gas stove was hooked up to the “RH” terminal also? , since it would be powering back the “RH” wire to the stove?


An FYI/follow-up for anyone that may run across this looking for the same answer.

I spoke to engineers at Wayne Dalton since the CA5900 is the same thing as the WDTC20. They said no problem. The thermostat can be used as a millivolt thermostat. And the 24v wire coming from the transformer to the RH terminal will not effect the wire coming from the gas stove to the RH terminal.