7.29 - Some power monitoring devices not showing all trigger options in inputs

Hi all,

wonder if anyone can help. I’ve just rebuilt my veraplus after some upgrade issues with the new firmware, and so need to create my pleg devices once more.

In my setup I have some power monitoring tkbhome plug adaptors, and while these show the current power usage in the user interface, when I try and use the triggers in a new pleg device, I only see device turned on or off. There are no entries for power goes above, goes below etc. This doesn’t happen for all my power monitoring devices, but does seem to affect all of the above plug adaptors.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get these triggers working again?


Under Triggers, or Device Properties?

under triggers


Is the power usage data available under device properties? If so you can build conditions that way.

Also, is there a pattern of which devices don’t have these triggers? Like their category & sub-category numbers (under Advanced) might be different?


thanks, yes, that’s the route I’m currently using as the watts is provided under the device properties. Unfortunately it seems to affect all my tkbhome plug adaptors, but not other devices such as fibaro relays and switches.


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