7.08 "Validate" scene button doesn't work

I am running the latest 1.7.599 FW on a Vera 3 and I am finding that the “Validate” button during Scene creation doesn’t work. I was trying to update a scene (to turn all lights out at 9am) with a new device. I added the device and then went to the next page to validate and the button doesn’t do anything. you can’t click it. I also tried creating a new scene with a different device and that didn’t work either. Any ideas?

I created 2 new scenes and updated an existing one last night on a Vera 3 with .599 and had no issues using the Validate button. I’m not sure what it does as it gives me no real feedback but it responds to my clicking it.

OK, disregard I guess. I thought it was supposed to go to the next screen after hitting “Validate”. once I hit back to the first page of the scene, then hit Next, I could hit Finish and the change took… I don’t remember the workflow being that way.

To anyone else that gets this problem, you can click the validate button if you click the far right part of it. Annoying! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tip!

Another weird f***up on Vera’s part!