$40 rebate on Vera

I didn’t see this mentioned on here, but there is apparently a $40 rebate on the Vera 2 through Sept 15.


Nice. I just purchased a few weeks ago.

Missed it by that much. (in best Maxwell Smart voice)

Just received my Vera 2, and just submitted my rebate.

Now hopefully I get payed 8)

There is an additional $5 rebate for Micasaverde customers. Please visit the rebate center:


Bummer - bought a second Vera 2 on August 28th, delivered on the 31st. Just missed the discount. Would be happy if I could get a $40 discount on a Vera 3 :slight_smile:

Just wondering, as I never even received a verification email.

I haven’t received mine either yet

Me neither. I bought mine on Sept 20th and submitted the rebate almost immediately. Anyone know who we can get in touch with to check on status?


My name is Thomas, and I work for Mi Casa Verde as the operations manager.

I have been working on the rebate checks, and wanted to take a second to let you all know the status.

Currently, the rebates have been approved, and sent off to a check processing company. We are waiting for them to mail the checks out, and it my goal to push them to send it out by Friday.

Thank you for your business and continued patience. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact me: thomas (at) micasaverde.com

Check processing company

All in good fun of course…


Got my rebate on Friday ;D