4-way on/off switches

What are people using to manage 4-way configurations? I see “lots” of 3-way options, but no 4-way, and I’ve got 2 4-way setups I’d like Vera to manage.

You can use the GE 3-way switch as a 4-way. You would need to acquire a 2nd auxilary switch, then simply wire it up to the same circuit. I guess GE sells the aux switch separately, but I’ve never seen it at a retail store that way. The item number is 45610.

Right now, it’s probably just cheaper to purchase a total of 4 3-way packs from Radio Shack. You’ll end up with 2 4-way setups, and 2 extra z-wave dimmer switches as well!


Yes, plus many of us have lots of extra 45610’s from Radio Shack 3-ways we bought that are only using them as standard switches (same price…), just insulate the yellow wire. If you ask nice and pay the postage, I’m sure many of us would be willing to send you a few :slight_smile:

If radio shack around you does not carry any GE switches. I use leviton switches in my house and have several 4 way switches. Leviton switches are more money but are good quality. You will have to pick up the remote switches to work with them.

  • Garrett