2nd Vera on account

Dumb question… I bought a second VeraLite for a second house. When I log onto mios, I see the original VeraLite but do not see the new one. I am at the second house now. I have the new Vera powered up and connected to the same network I am connected to. After logging in, I went to Account, Veras. I expected to see the new one as an unassigned Vera so I can assign it. I am assuming I am missing an obvious step. Can someone let me know what I am missing?


Not sure if this helps but here is some additional information… I checked the DHCP Clients on my network and I do not see the VeraLite listed. The Vera does have a solid green light for the network.

I was wrong earlier. The Vera is showing up on the network however I am not able to SSH to it (Connection timed out error) or hit it with a browser (was under the impression the following should work: http://{MyIP}/cgi-bin/cmh/sysinfo.sh). Am I missing something? Is it possible I have a bad unit?

On the unit your not seeing:
Goto ACCOUNT > Other Users > Log in and verify details being displayed.

Thanks for the response but I am not sure I follow. I can go to Account, Other Users on the unit I can see (the original unit) and everything displays. I am not able to access the other/new unit at all (does not display when I log onto mios, I am not able to SSH to it, I am not able to hit it via URL -assuming I am using the right URL) so I am not able to go to Account and Other Users while connected to it.

I cannot remember the exact order of what occurs, but when you first added the new unit to your network and accessed it, it should have asked if you wanted to add it to an account… That is displaying something is not correct either in the process or connection etc.

I would verify locally via your router the IP address as you’ll need to connect to the unit directly and it should ask about adding to account.

The alternative to try and discover locally is use the links below:

https://sta1.mios.com/locator_json.php?username=user - this will narrow the search against the registered username and password. Not what you after but FYI
https://cp.mios.com/firmware/detect_unit.php [/li]

Interesting… I think I left some things out. I added the Vera to my network tonight and have never been able to access it (so I never even got to the point of it asking me if I want to add it to an account). I assumed it would detect it when I logged onto my mios account when logging onto cp.mios.com. When it didn’t, I thought I could find it under Accounts, Veras but it was not there.

I tried the URLs below to discover it locally and it was there. It resolved with the IP address I was trying to SSH to so it looks like it is finding it.

When I searched by username (I used my mios username) it returned results (Serial Numbers) for both units. The new one has no user name and a name of null. No idea if this is related but is lists my original unit as having a primary forward server as fwd6.mios.com while the second one shows as fwd2.mios.com. When I connect to my mios account it send me to fwd6.mios.com to view my Veras.

Thanks for the help. I feel like I am making some progress…

As expected, this was my fault. Instructions I has had me going to http://cp.mios.com to get the Vera setup. Needed to go to MiOS. Thanks for the help.

I as having the same problem - Vera instructions weren’t very clear…I signed in to my account and was looking for the new unit to be discovered to no avail. Your post helped tremendously!

I’d like to add that if your old VeraLite is UI5 and your new one is UI7, you will need to create a NEW home.getvera.com account (which can actually be the same username as your old one since they are on separate systems).

You can go here to create a new UI7 account and add VeraLite controllers to the account: [url=https://home.getvera.com/dashboard/myunits]https://home.getvera.com/dashboard/myunits[/url]

I learned this from here: [url=http://getvera.com/vera-ui7-release-candidate]http://getvera.com/vera-ui7-release-candidate[/url]
“PLEASE NOTE: If you are running an older firmware version (UI5) you will need to create a NEW user account at https://home.getvera.com and reassign your controller to your new account, as this software uses our updated MMS backend and will not recognize your existing https://cp.mios.com user credentials.”